Soy Burgers

One of the easiest ways to try soy meat alternatives is with a soy-based burger. The number one rule with soy burgers is: try more than one brand to find one you really like. There are many soy burgers on the market today, and they vary in taste and mouth-feel. Even true-blue greasy hamburger fans will probably find at least one they deem acceptable.

Buying, Storing and Cooking Them

The number two rule with soy burgers is to make sure you are a savvy label reader. If you are choosing a soy burger because you want the health benefits of soy protein, make sure you spot “soy” somewhere on the label. Many veggie burgers contain no soy and are made from vegetables and grains.

Cooking these burgers is a breeze since they are precooked. Choose between microwaving, grilling, stove top skillet cooking, oven cooking or even toaster cooking! Yes, one brand says to just pop the patties in the toaster and heat until warm in the center, about 4 or 5 minutes.

Soy Burger Nutrition

  • Generally speaking, soy burgers are:
  • Often fat-free! Ranges of fat for several popular brands are 0 to 7 grams, compared to ground beef burgers, which may contain 12 to 20 grams for the same size pattie.
  • Cholesterol-free.
  • Virtually saturated fat-free.
  • A terrific source of soy protein. Just figure 10 grams soy protein as the average amount per burger (ranges are from 7 to 13 grams).
  • Moderate in sodium content.
  • A source of dietary fiber ranging from 2 to 7 grams.

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