Textured Soy Protein

Textured soy protein, often called TSP or TVP®, is made from defatted soy flour that is compressed and processed into granules or chunks. It is sold as a dried, granular product. When it is rehydrated with boiling water, TSP has a texture similar to ground beef. TSP is also available in chunk-sized pieces that take on the consistency of stew meat when rehydrated.


TSP has a long shelf life. Stored in a tightly closed container at room temperature, it will keep for several months. Once it has been rehydrated, store the TSP in the refrigerator and use it within a few days.

Cooking Basics

Most recipes call for TSP to be rehydrated before it is used in recipes. Read the package directions for rehydration. In general, rehydrate 1 cup of TSP granules by pouring 7/8 cups boiling water over it and allow to sit for a few minutes. When using TSP in soups and sauces, you do not have to rehydrate it before use – just be sure the recipe has enough liquid in it. TSP chunks should be simmered a few minutes before using.

TSP Tips

  • Use TSP to replace all or part of the ground meat in almost any recipe. Replace one-fourth of the ground beef in meat loaf or burgers.
  • Try rehydrating TSP with boiling fruit juices or flavorful broths.
  • Adding a little catsup, vinegar or lemon juice helps TSP to rehydrate quickly.

Nutritional Value of TSP

Textured soy protein is rich in protein and extremely low in both fat and sodium. It is also a good source of fiber. One-half cup prepared textured soy protein provides:

 Calories  160
 Protein (gm)  24
 Fat (gm)  0.2
 Carbohydrate (gm)  14.0
 Calcium (mg)  –
 Iron (mg)  –
 Sodium (mg)  7.0
 Zinc (mg)  –

Source: Food nutrition labels.