Soy Foods Resources

As a versatile source of food, the soybean is hard to beat. Although they can be eaten whole after being boiled or roasted, most soybeans are transformed into a great variety of foods. In addition, a great many foods already found in your kitchen cupboard contain soyfoods, such as soyoil (often called vegetable oil), lecithin, soy protein concentrates, textured soy protein and many more. The soyfood descriptions listed here represent the most common soyfoods on the market today. Where To Find Soyfoods The more popular soyfoods such as tofu, meat alternatives, soy sauce, soy flour and soybean oil, can be found in supermarkets. In natural and health foods stores you will find the greatest variety of soyfoods. Asian food stores carry most of those soyfoods used in East Asia. Several products, such as textured soy flour, textured soy protein concentrates, soynuts and soynut butter can be obtained through mail-order catalogs. If you have questions about these soyfoods, call your local health or natural food store, a manufacturer of the product, a mail-order company, or one of our information resources.