Soyfood Menu Plans: Day One

Meal / Snack Food Amount
Breakfast Toast, light-whole-wheat, w/melted Soy-Cheese
2 slices
1 ounce
8 ounces
Snack (11 am) Yogurt
8 ounce cup
1 medium
Lunch Soy “Chicken” Nuggets (frozen)
Salad or Veggie Slices
w/Salad Dressing (low-fat)
Dessert: fruit
5 nuggets
11/2 cups
2 Tbsp.
1 medium
Snack (4 pm) Pretzels
1 ounce
1 cup/8-oz.’juicebox’
Dinner “Quick” Home-made Burritos/Tacos:
Tortillas (soft/refrigerated / warmed)
Salsa (taco seasoning)
Beans (kidney) (canned, rinsed,heated)
Ground Soy Meat(frozen “crumbles”)
Spicey Soy Jack Cheese
Shredded Vegetables (lettuce, tomato, peppers)
3 Tortillas
2 Tbsp
1/2 cup
2/3 cup
1/2 cup1 cup
 Snack Popcorn (microwaved, low-fat) 3 cups
 TOTAL: 1700 calories. 32 g fat. 7 g sat fat. 35 mg chol. 42 g soy protein
 menu developed by SUSAN B. SPECTOR, M,S., R.D., C.D./N.



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