Why Soy?

The taste kids love
Today’s soy protein is easy to use and can be added to almost any meat to produce delicious, low-fat meals that students love. In taste tests, 67% of 11,000 students rated 17 soy-enhanced meat and poultry products as excellent or good.

The nutrition students need
Soy-enhanced sausage patties, chicken nuggets and other menu items can help bring about fat reduction to at or below the required 30% level. Soy is also high in protein and rich in the vitamins and minerals students need for energy and growth.

The freshness you desire
Soy protein absorbs three to five times its weight in water, so it is excellent at holding meat juices during cooking. Adding soy protein to beef, pork, poultry or fish maintains flavor, adds juiciness and holds better in today’s serving environments.

The cost you want
Hydrated soy protein, on average, costs only 20 cents per pound. So, using soy is a cost-effective way to meet USDA school nutritional guidelines, while maintaining the quality of your meals.

The people you know
Virtually every meat processor supplying the school foodservice market offers soy-enhanced varieties of your students’ favorite foods. Just contact your supplier and ask, “Do you sell soy-enhanced products?”

What your colleagues are doing…

Results from surveys indicate the
following trends about soy use:

  • Ninety-three percent of school foodservice directors interviewed were willing to try new soy-enhanced products as quality continues to improve and more products become available.
  • Seventy-seven percent of school foodservice directors serve soy-enhanced products five to ten times per month.
  • One out of two respondents reported using products that contain soy concentrate, textured vegetable protein or soy isolate in their menu planning to help lower fat levels.
  • Of the school foodservice personnel who serve soy-enhanced products, 44% reported soy helps reduce fat and 42% said soy reduces overall cost.

What your colleagues are saying…

“I’m so pleased with the soy-enhanced products I am serving, especially the way soy helps reduce the fat content in the products. I definitely see soy as a trend for school meals.”
…Laura Langston, Crosby, TX

“The soy-enhanced products I serve are so much juicier and hold on the serving line so much better than those not enhanced with soy.”
…Linda Jacobus, Hampton, NJ

“Soy products have really improved over the years. More often than not, soy-enhanced beef products tend to be better than any 100% beef products we serve.”
…Wayne Wong, Bakersfield, CA

For more information about soy products, please call 1-800-TALK-SOY (800-825-5769) or visit the TalkSoy Web site athttp://www.talksoy.com/.